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Part #OEM #DiameterLengthFilter MediumEnd CapOEM(s)
21183100112.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat GreenOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21198500112.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198500212.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat Flame Retardant CarbonOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198500312.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198500612.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198500712.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198500912.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat SyntheticOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198501012.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme SyntheticOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198501212.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant CarbonOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21183100212.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat Flame Retardant CarbonOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21183100312.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat Flame RetardantOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21183100612.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21183100712.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme GreenOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21183100912.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat SyntheticOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21183101012.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat eXtreme SyntheticOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog
21198900112.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198900212.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat Flame Retardant CarbonOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198900312.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198900612.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198900712.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat eXtreme GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21198900912.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat SyntheticOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
22941000912.75" x 8.37"30.00"HemiPleat SyntheticOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
22479200713.87" x 9.5"38.75"HemiPleat eXtreme GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
22479200913.87" x 9.5"38.75"HemiPleat SyntheticOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21335900115" x 10"28.00"HemiPleat GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21335900315" x 10"28.00"HemiPleat Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21335900615" x 10"28.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21335900715" x 10"28.00"HemiPleat eXtreme GreenOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
22887200316" x 11.5"12.00"HemiPleat Flame RetardantOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
23058900617.5" x 13"29.50"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantPNP top plate 20"x20",closed bottomUAS / Dust Hog
22683000612.75" x 8.37"39.00"HemiPleat eXtreme Flame RetardantFarr Tenkay Top Plate, 14.25" x 16" (No tabs)UAS / Dust Hog
21979700212.75" x 8.37"30.00"Dura-Pleat AluminizedOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21466300213.87" x 9.5"26.00"Dura-Pleat AluminizedOpen/openUAS / Dust Hog
21183100412.75" x 8.37"26.00"HemiPleat Hi-Efficiency GreenOpen/closed (0.56" hole)UAS / Dust Hog