HemiPleat eXtreme Green

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Image shown above is for illustration of size and construction. Actual filter media may be a different color.

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Length26.00" (660.4 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)12.75" x 8.37" (212.6 mm x 323.85 mm)
Media Area135 sq. ft. (12.5 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/open
MediaHemiPleat eXtreme Green
Media ColorGreen
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers with nanofiber coating
ApplicationsFor higher filtration efficiency and better dust release on general applications, e.g. Wood and paper, talc, cornstarch, sand and shot blasting, foundry sand
Efficiency RatingMERV 15
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)

Abrasive blasting
Alfalfa meal intake hopper
Almonds (cleaning)
Alum earth
Aluminium oxide
Aluminum flouride
Aluminum hydrate
Ammonium phosphate
Animal meal
Antimony trioxide
Ash (cement mills)
Barium carbonate
Barium stearate
Barium sulfate
Barley meal, hammer mill
Bentonite, Dry
Blood meal
Board MFG - Hogs / Grinders
Board MFG - MDF (Medium Density Fiber)
Board MFG - O.S.B.
Board MFG - Sanding
Board MFG - Sawdust
Bone meal
Bookbinding (after cyclone or screen)
Brake linings
Bread (crumbs)
Brewer’s grains
Brick dust
Builder’s gypsum
Cadmium Sulfide (yellow)
Calcium carbonate
Calcium cyanamide (nitrolime)
Calcium stearate
Carbon (powder)
Carbon black
Carbon black (finished)
Carbon black (pelletized)
Carbon black (powder)
Cardboard Dust from scrap system
Cellulose, dry, flaky
Ceramic pigments
Chocolate (drink, mix)
Chocolate powder
Clay (brick, dry, fines)
Clay (ceramic, dry, fines)
Cocoa (dry particulate only)
Coffee (dry particulate only)
Coffee dust (of green beans)
Coke (powder)
Compound feed
Corn (grit)
Corn (meal)
Corn (mix)
Corn Starch
Cryolite (dust)
Diatomaceous earth
Dicalcium phosphate
Dolomite (crushed)
Dolomite (lumps)
Dolomite powder
Dry yeast
Fish meal
Fly ash
Foundry fumes from melt pots
Foundry Sand (dry)
Fruit pomace, dry
Fruit powder
Fumes (Metallurgical)
Glass wool
Grain dust
Graphite (powder)
Grass meal
Gypsum (calcined powdered)
Hazelnuts, cleaning
Hemp fibre
Insulating pumice
Iron oxide (pigment or brown smoke)
Lead dust (Shooting range ambient ventilation)
Lead dust (Shooting range bullet trap)
Lead oxide
Lead sulfate
Leather dust
Lime (hydrated dry part only)
Lime sandstone
Magnesium carbonate / Magnesite
Magnesium stearate
Malt flour
Manganese oxide
Marble (grit or sand)
Marble powder (Fine)
Meat meal
Metallurgical sand
Monocalcium Phosphate (alias Super phosphate)
Moulding sand
Paper or corrigated board, fibers, paper and clippings
Pharmaceutical dusts - Packaging
Phosphate, Raw
Pigments, Metallic / Synthetic
Pigments, Paint
Porcelain clay
Portland (aerated)
Potassium sulfate
Potatoes (flour / starch)
Powder coating
Quartz powder
Rice Brans
Rice Germs
Rice Hulls
River sand
Sand (dry)
Sandblasting (Room Ventilation)
Sea Shell grit
Shotblasting (automatic)
Silica (flour)
Silica sand
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium nitrate
Soybean dust
Soybean flour
Soybean meal
Titanium dioxide
Wheat grinding
Wheat starch
Wood Fabrication - C314Cork
Wood Fabrication - Hardwoods
Wood Fabrication - MDF (Medium Density Fiber)
Wood Fabrication - Particleboard
Wood Fabrication - Ultra-lite/bass, Hemlk
Wood Fabrication - W..Pine, Ash, Poplar
Wood Fabrication - Yellow Pine
Zinc Carbonate
Zinc chloride
Zinc Oxide
Zinc spar
Zinc white

Camfil APC Part Number211985007
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1846955-001 1846955001 1846955001 1846955001 1846955001 1846955-002 1846955002 1846955002 1846955002 1846955002 366-822-269 366822269 366822269 366822269 366822269 366-822-273 366822273 366822273 366822273 366822273 CF000036 CF000046 CF000115 CF000173 CF000189 CF000264 7036-11 703611 703611 703611 703611 7036-20 703620 703620 703620 703620 7036-23 703623 703623 703623 703623 ARM-19215-0 ARM192150 ARM192150 ARM192150 ARM192150 ARM-22269 ARM22269 ARM22269 ARM22269 ARM22269 0828-0075 08280075 08280075 08280075 08280075 401-0101 4010101 4010101 4010101 4010101 CA261-3094 CA2613094 CA2613094 CA2613094 CA2613094 CA261-9814 CA2619814 CA2619814 CA2619814 CA2619814 LAF1852 1212232 1212235 1212236 1212238 1212244 1212286 1212294 1212565 1212761 1212764 1272237 1272274 1275118 1281395 1292267 1292274 1302271 1302281 1302990 1312203 1312267 1312269 1312269 1565785 1565786 1565845 1565887 1565945 1565979 1566366 1566472 1566486 1566508 1566660 1566698 1566810 1567142 1567280 1567372 1568232 1567452-L 1567452L 1567452L 1567452L 1567452L NF20009 NF20009DB NF20059-L NF20059L NF20059L NF20059L NF20059L NF20067 NF20223-L NF20223L NF20223L NF20223L NF20223L NF40008 NF40019 NF40044-L NF40044L NF40044L NF40044L NF40044L NF40044-L NF40044L NF40044L NF40044L NF40044L NF40047-L NF40047L NF40047L NF40047L NF40047L 1834 1226926106 1226926308 CF81-2269 CF812269 CF812269 CF812269 CF812269 8PP-22269-00 8PP2226900 8PP2226900 8PP2226900 8PP2226900 8PP-23099-00 8PP2309900 8PP2309900 8PP2309900 8PP2309900 8PP-24009-00 8PP2400900 8PP2400900 8PP2400900 8PP2400900 8PP-2600-427-226 8PP2600427226 8PP2600427226 8PP2600427226 8PP2600427226 8PP-28888-00 8PP2888800 8PP2888800 8PP2888800 8PP2888800 8PP-40764-00 8PP4076400 8PP4076400 8PP4076400 8PP4076400 8PP-40766-00 8PP4076600 8PP4076600 8PP4076600 8PP4076600 8PP-42360-00 8PP4236000 8PP4236000 8PP4236000 8PP4236000 8PP-45368-00 8PP4536800 8PP4536800 8PP4536800 8PP4536800 8PP-46774-00 8PP4677400 8PP4677400 8PP4677400 8PP4677400 8PP-48107-00 8PP4810700 8PP4810700 8PP4810700 8PP4810700 8PP-48507-00 8PP4850700 8PP4850700 8PP4850700 8PP4850700 8PP-72477-01 8PP7247701 8PP7247701 8PP7247701 8PP7247701 8PP-72482-01 8PP7248201 8PP7248201 8PP7248201 8PP7248201 P030902 P030903 P030908 P030911 P030918 P030920 P030925 P030928 P031292 P031351 P031474 P031652 P031789 P032947 P032948 P032949 P032950 P032951 P032952 P032953 P032954 P151244 P155248 P190805 P190836 P190999 P191119 P191214 P191222 P191244 P191522 P191527 P191536 P191551 P191563 P191654 P191672 P191866 P191882 P191899 P191900 P520433 P527080 CG261-0344 CG2610344 CG2610344 CG2610344 CG2610344 11299 15021 51053 E02071 E04188 E04189 E04208 E04229 E04231 E04356 E04385 E04401 E04411 E04432 E04433 E04445 E04450 E04532 E04778 E04851 1212565 179510-4 1795104 1795104 1795104 1795104 079203-000 079203000 079203000 079203000 079203000 21-0007 210007 210007 210007 210007 AF4783 FA-12124 FA12124 FA12124 FA12124 FA12124 FA-22269 FA22269 FA22269 FA22269 FA22269 FA-72482-FR FA72482FR FA72482FR FA72482FR FA72482FR B80002 105164 B30220 70952-1 709521 709521 709521 709521 2233-0A 22330A 22330A 22330A 22330A 2233-0B 22330B 22330B 22330B 22330B 2233-1A 22331A 22331A 22331A 22331A 101413 105164 146418B 147162B 180773A P960357 39321-1 393211 393211 393211 393211 12D-26 12D26 12D26 12D26 12D26 RA-22269 RA22269 RA22269 RA22269 RA22269 RA-96222 RA96222 RA96222 RA96222 RA96222 306640 306698 10000003 10000008 10000016 10000018 10000053 10000071 10000073 10000076 10000696 10001102 10001407 10001411 10001502 10003064 10004893 30U03 P76219 61-2269 612269 612269 612269 612269 61-2269-109 612269109 612269109 612269109 612269109 61-5118-109 615118109 615118109 615118109 615118109 T4-26B2801 T426B2801 T426B2801 T426B2801 T426B2801 T4-26BB3151 T426BB3151 T426BB3151 T426BB3151 T426BB3151 CP025.03E CP025.06E FIL-1060 FIL1060 FIL1060 FIL1060 FIL1060 6613940 222600831 46862 AMX506