HemiPleat Flame Retardant Carbon

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Image shown above is for illustration of size and construction. Actual filter media may be a different color.

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Length30.00" (762.0 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)12.75" x 8.37" (212.6 mm x 323.85 mm)
Media Area156 sq. ft. (14.5 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/open
MediaHemiPleat Flame Retardant Carbon
Media ColorBlack
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers impregnated with carbon for static dissipation and chemically treated with a flame retardant
ApplicationsFor combustible dusts or static dissipation, e.g. metal dusts, fumed silica, carbon black, toner dust
Efficiency RatingMERV 10
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)

Bakelite powder
Calcium carbide
Coke (powder)
Corn Starch
Epoxy resin
Fertilizers (dry particulate only)
Fiber reinforced plastic Sanding
Ink powder
Iron grinding
Metal grinding
Plastic (dry fibers powder)
Plastic pellets
Plastic powder, polymers
Polyester (flakes)
Polystyrene (expanded)
PVC grindings

Camfil APC Part Number211989002
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366-820-030 366820030 366820030 366820030 366820030 CF000076 CF000180 CF000186 41166 1212242 1212244 1212246 1212249 1212780 1310030 1366183 NF20011 NF40010 P033138 P191874 P191877 E04386 E04404 E04491 E04852 E04853 2233-0E 22330E 22330E 22330E 22330E 2233-1B 22331B 22331B 22331B 22331B 10000052 10000092 10000281 10000941 10001535 10001700