HemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant Carbon

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Image shown above is for illustration of size and construction. Actual filter media may be a different color.

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Length30.00" (762.0 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)13.87" x 9.5" (241.3 mm x 352.3 mm)
Media Area178 sq. ft. (16.5 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/open
MediaHemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant Carbon
Media ColorBlack
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers impregnated with carbon for static dissipation and chemically treated with a flame retardant with a nanofiber coating
ApplicationsFor higher filtration efficiency and better dust release on combustible dusts or static dissipation, e.g. metal dusts, fumed silica, carbon black, toner dust
Efficiency RatingMERV 15
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)

Ammonium nitrate
Bakelite powder
Brake linings
Calcium carbonate
Carbon (powder)
Carbon black
Carbon black (finished)
Carbon black (pelletized)
Carbon black (powder)
Cast iron grinding
Coke (powder)
Corn Starch
Epoxy resin
Fertilizers (dry particulate only)
Fiber reinforced plastic Sanding
Fumes (Metallurgical)
Ink powder
Iron grinding
Iron oxide (pigment or brown smoke)
Metal grinding
Metal powder (Manufactured)
Pharmaceutical dusts - Batch Coating
Pharmaceutical dusts - Blending
Pharmaceutical dusts - Central vacuum
Pharmaceutical dusts - Compression
Pharmaceutical dusts - Continuous Coating
Pharmaceutical dusts - Milling
Pharmaceutical dusts - Packaging
Pharmaceutical dusts - Drying
Phosphate fertilizer
Plastic (dry fibers powder)
Plastic pellets
Plastic powder, polymers
Polyester (flakes)
Polystyrene (expanded)
PVC grindings
Shotblasting (automatic)
Thermal Spray - HVOF, HVAF & Plasma
Thermal Spray - Flame Spray
Thermal Spray - Tin
Thermal Spray - Wire Arc
Titanium (torch cutting fume)
Toner (black)

Camfil APC Part Number211917012
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CF000269 1212720 1366183 1366213 1566318 1566381 1567159 NF20052 NF40211 P031340 P191870 P191875 E04857 E04858 E04859 E04860 21-2123 212123 212123 212123 FA-376094 FA376094 FA376094 FA376094 A2236-0E A22360E A22360E A22360E T4-30B25012S T430B25012S T430B25012S T430B25012S