HemiPleat Flame Retardant

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Length39.00" (990.6 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)15" x 10" (254.0 mm x 381.0 mm)
Media Area325 sq. ft. (30.2 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationImperial plate 22.5" x 16.75", Closed bottom
MediaHemiPleat Flame Retardant
Media ColorOff-white
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers chemically treated with a flame retardant
ApplicationsFor applications where a spark could enter the dust collector, e.g. Welding fumes, plasma cutting, grinding
Efficiency RatingMERV 10
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)
Special FeaturesGold Cone Technology

Welding Fumes (ambient)
Welding Fumes (source capture)

Camfil APC Part Number227922003
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55427 460010.002