HemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant

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Image shown above is for illustration of size and construction. Actual filter media may be a different color.

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Length11.50" (292.1 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)16" x 9.63" (244.6 mm x 406.4 mm)
Media Area82 sq. ft. (7.6 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/open
MediaHemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant
Media ColorWhite
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers chemically treated with a flame retardant and coated with nanofibers
ApplicationsFor higher filtration efficiency and better dust release on applications where a spark could enter the dust collector, e.g. Welding fumes, plasma cutting, grinding
Efficiency RatingMERV 15
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)
Special FeaturesG1 - Gasket both ends

Iron oxide (pigment or brown smoke)
Laser Cutting CO2 - 4 kW and below
Laser Cutting CO2 - 4 kW x 2 Heads
Laser Cutting CO2 - 5 kW
Laser Cutting CO2 - 5 kW x 2 Heads
Laser Cutting CO2 - 6 kW
Laser Cutting CO2 - 6 kW x 2 Heads
Laser Cutting Fiber Optics
Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting - 1040 Amps (2 x 520 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 1200 Amps (3 x 400 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 1600 Amps (2 x 800 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 2400 Amps (3 x 800 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 260 Amps (single torch)
Plasma Cutting - 3200 Amps (4 x 800 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 400 Amps (single torch)
Plasma Cutting - 520 Amps (2 x 260 A torch)
Plasma Cutting - 800 Amps (single torch)
Thermal Spray - Chrome oxide
Thermal Spray - Cold Spray
Thermal Spray - Flame Spray
Thermal Spray - HVOF, HVAF & Plasma
Thermal Spray - Tin
Thermal Spray - Wire Arc
Welding Fumes (ambient)
Welding Fumes (source capture)

Camfil APC Part Number214207006
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CF000097 CF000132 7FRO2020 7FRO2021 7FRO-2021 7FRO2021 7FRO2021 7FRO2021 7FRO2021 7FRO2027 7FRO-2027 7FRO2027 7FRO2027 7FRO2027 7FRO2027 7FRO2029 7FRO-2029 7FRO2029 7FRO2029 7FRO2029 7FRO2029 7FRO5020 7FRO-5020 7FRO5020 7FRO5020 7FRO5020 7FRO5020 CC121-0635 CC1210635 CC1210635 CC1210635 CC1210635 CD121-2625 CD1212625 CD1212625 CD1212625 CD1212625 CF121-2035 CF1212035 CF1212035 CF1212035 CF1212035 1566087 1566228 1566455 1567621 1567654 1567788 1567995 NF40031 P031233 E05262 10003704