HemiPleat Flame Retardant

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Length30.00" (762.0 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)14.68" x 10.33" (262.38 mm x 372.87 mm)
Media Area190 sq. ft. (17.7 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/closed (0.56" hole)
MediaHemiPleat Flame Retardant
Media ColorOff-white
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers chemically treated with a flame retardant
ApplicationsFor applications where a spark could enter the dust collector, e.g. Welding fumes, plasma cutting, grinding
Efficiency RatingMERV 10
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)

Welding Fumes (ambient)
Welding Fumes (source capture)

Camfil APC Part Number213234003
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CF000045 CF000213 1273486 1283752 1293245 1349331 1566429 1566973 1567049 1568282 1568283 1568284 1568285 1568285 NF20214 NF40289 NF40290 NF40291 P031294 P031848 P032750 E05022 E05037 E05080 P3086 P3087 P3486 P3487 P3488 P3750 P3751 P3752 P3782 P7400RM P7403RM P7404RM P7405RM P7407RM P7408RM P7410RM P7415NM P7416NM P7417NM A6002-0A A60020A A60020A A60020A A60020A A6118-0A A61180A A61180A A61180A A61180A P031848-016-002 P031848016002 NF40289