HemiPleat FR PTFE

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Image shown above is for illustration of size and construction. Actual filter media may be a different color.

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Length26.00" (660.4 mm)
Diameter of End Caps (OD x ID)12.75" x 8.37" (212.6 mm x 323.85 mm)
Media Area135 sq. ft. (12.5 m²)
End Cap ConfigurationOpen/open
MediaHemiPleat FR PTFE
Media ColorWhite
DescriptionBlended cellulose and polyester fibers chemically treated with a flame retardant and with a PTFE membrane laminated to the surface
ApplicationsProvides the highest filtration efficiency and best release. Used for critical applications like pharmaceutical, silica, chemical and beryllium copper.
Efficiency RatingMERV 16
Max Operating Temperature160° F (71° C)
Camfil APC Part Number228070001